Not Home Alone


Kelsey’s parents aren’t home, but that doesn’t mean she’s home alone. Her older boyfriend comes over for a fuck. But they’ve got to hurry before Kelsey’s parents get back, so they get right down to it.

Kelsey passionately swallows his cock as he holds her hair back. Her cheek bulges as his fuck hammer fills her mouth. And while he’s over, the boyfriend might as well keep her pussy company by fucking it and making it cum. Kelsey’s tight, little ass looks like a perfectly round peach as she bounces it up and down while riding her boyfriend’s cock. She turns around in reverse cowgirl so we can see every inch of penetration in her teen pussy.

You’ll love her tight body and tiny tits. And you’ll love the big load that covers her face and torso. Her boyfriend sure does.

Date: December 26, 2018